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Team Members

Team Members
  • Image of Mary Kay Welch

    Mary Kay Welch

    Mary Kay Welch is the founder of Investors Management, Inc., a real estate company that has been serving the DC and Maryland areas since 1990. With her extensive network of contacts, she has a talent for connecting properties with both investors...
  • Nicola Rust-Skippen

    Nicola is an Associate Broker in both Maryland and Washington, DC. She thoroughly enjoys sharing our fine portfolio of homes with prospective tenants, and loves finding the best properties for homeowners as well as assisting investors add to the ...
    Image of Nicola Rust-Skippen
  • Image of Emily Motto

    Emily Motto

    Meet Emily, a seasoned professional in the real estate industry with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Emily is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring the preservation and maintenance of properties, earning her a rep...